How do I become a freelance graphic designer?

Freelancing for graphic designers is a great thing, it gives freedom to anyone who chose this path not to depend on certain a company to get income. But before asking this question how to become a freelance graphic designer, we must know exactly what we want from our career. Some people find it comfortable working for a company more than freelancing because they have a stable income they don't need to look for clients, do the accounting, check phone calls, etc... All they need is to concentrate on their work and make it more creative. This is a real fact in some way. And, for those who think they can get independent they are also right and vice versa.

But they must be careful because it's not always easy to find clients especially at the beginning, you may work one or two projects and get even more income compared with what you did with your full time job company. But sometimes you may face some hard period you may end up with months without finding any project and begun to think about paying your bills I call it the struggling period.

In freelancing it's not just the artwork that you sell for client it's your expertise you become a marketer not just a designer working with digital software it's all about your personality and your  goals in the field of graphic design.

How Can I Get Clients?

Don't search far from you entourage begun with your family friends of your friends, propose for them to make stuff for free like postcard, business card, and invitation, albums,  the list is very large, be creative once the information is given to other about what you do then be sure that someone in your circle will ask you for your services one day.

Make mailing prospects it's the easiest way start by sending emails for companies that may get interested in your work, be creative in this area prepare a good layout with Photoshop or illustrator and send it as an Email.

Create an online portfolio there are many websites on the net that offer this basic service for free, an upgrade will let you get a professional domain and more tools here some good portfolio websites that I tested

Using free tools is good I will advise it in the beginning because you won't have to invest any cent. But a professional domain is highly recommended because it will show you client your professionalism.

Prepare a printed portfolio this will help you create the first impression about you work because a picture is worth a thousand of words.

How to charge my work?

It depends on you some will bill by hour rate, for example 10 dollars for 1 hour, but be careful so that you don't bill very expensive or below the average, because the two will give a bad image about you for your future client.

Other will bill by mission let's say you have a project you may finish it in one hour one journey or one month, you only will get pay when you finish your work the hours here are not counted.

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