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Win his first junior graphic design work is a major turning point in his career as a graphic designer. Most of us know that the industry can be difficult when you start. It may be hard to believe that you can live in a career in graphic design that is compelling and satisfying. Find your first job in graphic design is important, not only because it is his first "real" job, but because it is a continuation of the learning process that begins even after graduation. The search for the "big break" might not be that difficult if you make the effort.


Before you even start looking for a job, you'll want to make an examination of conscience. Some questions you should ask yourself is what motivates you, what kind of environment you want to work, what kind of work you want to do, etc. These questions are important, because even if you want to be more concerned about the possibility learning a first Junior offers a graphic designer, you want to make sure you will be happy and productive at work. Write down the answers to the follow-up questions on a sheet of paper to help clarify your goals:

- Questions to ask yourself  What are your strengths, weaknesses and motivations? (What will you perform at your best?)

- The type of work  What types of projects you want to work the most? (Business cards, branding, logotype blueprint, web design, and so on.)

- Understanding the labor market  is the work of a strong demand? Are there a lot of competition for your place? (What is the difference if there is a high level of competition?)

- Do your research before you even start to begin your journey will be very beneficial in strengthening their goals as a junior graphic designer. If you do the right research, you can be in a better position to capture the attention of employers murmur below.

Find the agencies you want to work for

By making a list of graphic design agencies want to work, you can use the process of elimination and conclude that the agency contact. If you rank them based on the above criteria, it will be easier to make a decision on where you want to work. The size of the graphic design agency is an important factor that you will want to consider. In general, the major agencies We work on more homework "home-like" or small work such as photo retouching, color, etc., but you have access to a greater understanding of how the body and the Comments and seasoned support of many colleagues. A small agency is able to provide more responsibility for tasks and projects due to the smaller size. Although this is very good, you can receive a less than a big company compensation.

When agencies try to work, be sure to choose one that you and where you can learn more appropriate. As a junior graphic designer, the skills you learn in your first job will prove invaluable - it teaches you how the graphic design industry really works in the real world (using real money) will deepen and build confidence in their skills and improve their ability to communicate with other designers and clients. If you choose the body that allows you to work to their full potential, it is more likely to have complete job satisfaction.

Pick up

Your resume will give your potential employer an idea of ​​whether or not it is worth looking beyond. It is important to make your clear and easy to read with selection of appropriate typography CV. Your resume should reflect your design style and skill. In addition to your resume, you will also want to ensure that you have a letter or appropriate formally introduce you cover email, what your goals are and why you are interested in working for this particular design agency. Some important things to include in the letter the following points:

- Who are you
- What is going to school for graphic design and what you get is not
- Why you contact the graphic design agency
- What do you expect out of work for them and why you think you are a worthy candidate
- All curricular activities that I participated
- All contact information


Your portfolio is very important to get your first job. If you attend design school, you should have some pieces can be placed in your wallet. Remember to select only the best to show off - it's going to show their true potential and capabilities. Many designers who have agencies are hundreds, if not thousands, of applications junior designers. They want to see the portfolios and CVs that are original and leap out from the crowd. Generic portfolios generally not even look. If you have a special talent or specializations, make sure to focus on that!


After a week or two, please contact the company. If you have not heard of there, do not worry. Sometimes they are busy and unable to respond quickly. Send them to remember not only thank you for taking the time to look at their portfolio of graphic design, but it shows that you are passionate about finding a job with your company. If you are offered a job - congratulations! If you are offered multiple positions, be picky about where you select. Not always choose the graphic design company that will give you more money. Sometimes these positions are not a good choice for you.

Get a job right out of school as a junior designer is very doable if you do your homework and research before you start applying. Do not lose the drive and the passion he has in the search for a job. If you get rejected, do not worry and continue to apply elsewhere. Put a lot of effort into your portfolio and resume and you will enjoy the benefits of their first graphic design work!

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