Graphic design briefs

Graphic design brief is something that is essential for any design project because it will allow the designer get with all the information needed to create a visual brand solution.

There is no single format, off-the-shelf for a design file, but there are a number of key points of the Agency should understand. The project team should create the brief results-oriented and business objectives of the project design. All interested parties must agree unanimously on the contents before starting the design process. This ensures an efficient design solution and keep the expected minimum changes.

What are the characteristics?
What is the final size of the complete design?
How to be printed or used?
What other information the designer know regarding the specifications of finishes?

Company Profile

• What does your company
• What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
• How to adapt the industry sector

Launching and background of the design

• What you're assaying to transmit and why?
• What is the "call to action" or target company
• Who are your competitors and how they differ from them?
• Do I need to match the existing equipment, comply with the guidelines of the mark   or is this a new direction for your business?

This will give the designer an idea of what the difference and avoid disappointment on your behalf.


Providing demographic data on the public (in order of importance) that may be useful for the graphic designer. These could include: age, sex, revenue, tastes, views, attitudes, employment and lifestyle.

Business goals and strategy

Providing waiting figure approximate budget will give the designer a good idea of the type of solution that can provide realistic. Providing a budget prevents designers wasting valuable time and resources when it comes to maximizing budget.

Giving the designer a detailed project schedule and realistic completion schedule. A designer must take into account the different stages of the project design, such as addition, approvals concept, development, production and delivery.

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